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What Would Love Say?  - Downloadable PDF


POLITE NOTE: This document is password protected and is only available for viewing use by the purchaser. An unrecognised IP address will prevent unauthorised viewing. This product is protected under copyright law and under no circumstance shall the downloaded document be copied, reproduced, printed or shared.


© Copyright Georgina Joel-Russell. All Rights Reserved.
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Reference Number: 21896280823S038


This is a book that can change your life!


A spiritually inspired and unique way to understand and release childhood programming and the voice of fear, and simply replace it with the expansive energy of love.


Georgina is a practitioner of the Dolores Cannon past life regression “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique” and she also acts as a channel for various galactic and inter-dimensional energies.


The information within this book has been offered by Spirit to assist in raising the vibrational frequency of the Earth.


This book is a tool and a reprogramming device and when read regularly, it will offer you the reader, a new level of understanding about your inner dialogue and the opportunity to live your life with more powerful heart-led intention.


The words contained within this book have a consciousness that will resonate deep within your soul, and you will know from the moment that you consume this information, that it is the truth.

What Would Love Say? - PDF Download - Only available for use by the buyer

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