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Theresa came to the session as she was experiencing problems sleeping.  She had a habit of overthinking and she felt as though her mind never stopped.  She wanted to her understand why she was so effected by others peoples feelings and wanted to know her purpose in this life.  She also procrastinated a lot of the time and wanted to release this behaviour.

You will not be disappointed if you book in with Georgina.  From the first phone call, I felt completely at ease.  Georgina has the warmest, most open and positive energy around her.  This is also reflected in her beautiful space that you will share for the day.  The day that I spent with Georgina was one of the most insightful days that I have ver had!  To spend the day letting go of things that are holding you back, in a safe and caring place.  It’s so easy to open up to Georgina, it’s like speaking to an old friend that you haven’t seen for a while but instantly reconnect again with.  From the moment I left, I felt lighter and more optimistic and this has only grown as each day has gone by.  I cannot thank you enough. You have completely changed my view on life and I will never second guess things again.


Jacqueline wanted to understand more about why she found it difficult to commit to relationships.  She was struggling to complete tasks and experienced daily anxiety.  She had a fear of the front door bell being rung and she also wanted direction around her future. 

I wish to express to you my gratitude and love for the amazing work that you do.  Booking my QHHT session has truly been one of the best things that I have ever given myself.  From the moment I met you I felt so safe and comfortable in your company.  Since my session, I feel a vast sense of peace and it keeps on unfolding.  Before I had huge anxiety thwarted me each day, it was so tiring.  Since my session, I notice a deeply profound understanding of myself and I feel centred.  You truly are a special, gifted and beautiful person.  The compassion, love and light that you bring to your work are unique. It is a blessing to know you. Thank you again.


Bex wanted to know how to motivate herself to continue with her writing and she wanted to find out how to take care of herself during periods of anxiety.

I feel great! I'm just having some life coaching to prepare me for setting up myself, hopefully my experiences can go some way to helping people. You were the one that started me on my journey so you deserve the praise..from a happy client xx


Dan came for a QHHT session to release a struggle around sleeping and a perfectionist mindset and also to understand more about his reluctance to lead at work and a lack of self belief. 

Hey Georgina. I just wanted to say another big thank you for today. I really enjoyed the whole experience and believe it is going to make a big difference. Love the cabin too & that will be a happy place on my mind! Thanks again.


Natalie chose to have a QHHT session to investigate her feelings around grief and death and to explore some patterns of behaviour such as the need to control and a tenancy to over think.

I couldn’t recommend coming to see you enough, if you’re feeling drawn or feel like you need help, Georgina is the warmest, most gentle inviting person to spend the day with and works absolute wonders in helping you start healing.


Violette came to see me to obtain some support around an OCD which she was struggling with. She also wanted to understand blocks around creativity and performance anxiety.  Violette also had questions around her potential in the future.

Thank you so very much Georgina! I can't wait to listen to the recording. I also really wanted to tell you that even outside of the hypnosis, I really feel like talking to you in-depth about my history has transmuted a lot of energy. I was up at 5am trying to remember all the wisdom you've shared with me and I want you to know none of it will go to waste! But yes thank you so much for everything and I will certainly update you on my journey. Sending big hugs.


Becky wanted insight around her family relationships.  She wanted to understand why she suffered with health anxiety and what she needed to invite into her life in order to be more open.  She also wanted guidance around becoming more motivated with her writing and information around the karmic relationships in her life.

Wow what a few days! I feel fabulous and ready for my journey.  I know my path now and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel like my body is soaking up energy from the feet up and all this light and meaning to my life is flowing from everywhere. You are truly amazing and I’m going to open up my heart to learn and love forwards so thank you..xxxx


Lucy wanted to know why she was fearful of moving forwards in her life and how she can open herself up to receiving.  She also wanted to know why she felt the need to play it small and how she could heal her own body. She was also interesting in knowing what the future version of herself looked like.

Hi Georgina I just wanted to say that I feel I am looking through new eyes! The synchronicities and signs following our session are just unreal. I feel amazing and don’t ever want this feeling to end! I have listened to both the channeled message and our recordings a couple of times and I have to say the channeled message described me perfectly. It really has been magical for me so far and I thank you so much for being here! Lots of Love Lucy xxx


Dan wanted to understand why he felt so defensive and took people's comments so personally.  He wanted to understand how he could move into his most authentic self and what his purpose was.  

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the time in your studio! I literally can not believe how much everything makes sense to me, It is like magic and everything has just clicked into place. Each day things get clearer and clearer and I dream things that make my story add up even more! Listening to the track 3 times after must of helped without even realising because they didn’t make sense to me but some how my mind had made sense of my past if that makes sense at all! I will definitely be recommending everyone I know to you!


Alan wanted to understand why he was so afraid of being in control. He also wanted to release his feelings around an alcohol and gambling addiction. He wanted to let go of his obsessive nature and allow himself to have more fun.

I'm writing this the day after visiting Georgina in the wonderful space that she has created for her clients. I was attracted to this experience because of its intensive nature and the fact that everything is done in one session, as long as it takes; that's a unique quality immediately.  The belief system behind QHHT wasn't important to me, and Georgina allowed that to fade into the background for me, which was perfect. What *was* important and hugely beneficial was Georgina's skills in listening, understanding stories, reflecting insights and then guiding me to allow my (the!) subconscious to communicate with my conscious mind to start a process of deep change and renewal.  You will know when this is right for you - and you'll thoroughly enjoy it.


Martin wanted to know why he was here in this life.  He wanted guidance on what he needed to do next in his life and how to go about moving forward.

I wanted to thank you so very much for taking me there. I found the whole experience incredibly powerful and revealing.  Bless you. I am so glad that I found you. I don’t think anyone could have done what you have managed to do for me.


Imogene wanted to feel less angry.  She felt that she had trapped emotions and that she hid her feelings most of the time.  She wanted to feel calmer and release her procrastination habit. She felt that she was holding herself back.  She also wanted to stop her emotional eating behaviour.

"I have to say that it is very different to how I used to feel.  I don't seem to procrastinate as much or want to watch as much TV. I seem to have more energy in terms of getting stuff done.  Like I'm even more hyped up than usual!  I feel a lot happier and lighter.  On the whole I feel very happy which is great! And something has definitely clicked in my subconscious which is awesome!!  I don't want to emotional eat anymore, so on the health side I feel even more incredible that before!  Not fixed my morning routine yet, but I have an evening routine now for my walks. Walking everyday really helps me, and I'm doing that again.  So actually a lot has shifted which is fantastic!!"


Puja came to the session to gain guidance around her wellness business.  She also wanted to connect more with her guides and understand more about the relationships in her life.

"I had a one day regression experience with Georgina. I felt so welcome and at home. The Sanctuary is a gorgeous, grounding, peaceful place to be in. The process was explained well and I felt really taken care of.   For me, the experience was very subtle. I feel like I am making stronger choices for my self care as a result. Like my sub conscious is looking after me and putting boundaries in. Subtle but loving, an experience I would recommend. And let's not forget, to be in hypnosis you need to trust the person. Georgina's hands are a very safe place to be in"


Keith is a recovering drug user and wanted support getting his life back on track in order create a positive future for himself and his family.

"Thank you again for what you showed me.  I will never forget that experience. It was amazing and you are amazing also. Day by day different things are standing out and I’m noticing things that I never have. This week is the first time in many months that I have felt so much less aggressive.  One of my labours said to me that he has noticed how much calmer I have been driving, and when I think back I can see that I am totally different! I even found myself singing at work the other day and I haven't done that it years! So so happy I got to find you and was able to walk away with this ecstatic feeling. Just wish I'd found you earlier. So thanking you massively xxx


Katie wanted to release a block that she had around money.  She also wanted to be more creative in her business and embrace her power more.  She had also been suffering with physical neck pain.

"Georgina is a delight and made me feel safe and validated throughout the whole process. I arrived feeling very nervous however within five minutes Georgina made me feel comfortable and at ease. I am amazed at how easily I fell into hypnosis. It is such a calm and insightful realm in which to rest and observe. You are fully present and open to deeper consciousness, your subconscious. My QHHT journey has enabled me to understand some of this life’s challenges by integrating my soul experiences with current life experiences. The past lives that presented themselves to me directly answered questions I have in this life. I am blown away that I have a soul imprint that I can access! I honour the messages the past lives have given me. Since the session I have new understandings dropping in at different layers of my being. They are dropping in very naturally, as if by a gentle osmosis. I can feel old patterns that no longer serve me, changing. The QHHT session has given me the courage to be “worthy”. To question what I base my worth on. I am more assured about where my power lies and more confident to present it to the world.  I give you a 5 cosmic star rating!"


Barbora was experiencing a lack of self confidence and self love. She had a fear of not being good enough.  She also had various physical pain issues including endometriosis and some issues with her eyes which had been going on for quite a while.

"First I would like to say that Georgina is such a beautiful soul. During the talking part for me it felt like talking to a best friend. I felt super comfortable as before session I was nervous. She was very supportive and kind. I released a lot of emotions and I got answers I needed to hear! I still can't believe that I had a chance to see where my soul was and where it can be :) It was life-altering experience! I'm so glad that the universe gave me an apportunity to meet her! Thank you!!!"


Mary was suffering with anxiety, overwhelm, chest pain, mental fogginess and was struggling to get over divorce and an abusive marriage.

"I just want to thank you for recharging my life. Before I booked my session with you I was at the lowest point in my life. I had left a long marriage that had been broken for many years with physical and emotional abuse, I had children I couldn’t connect with and a job I hated.

In my session it was the first time I had reflected on my whole life and how the upbringing and experiences I had were following the same pattern in my current life.

My physical and emotional energy has shifted so much since our session. I’m now feeling so connected spiritually and for the first time in years I have a noticeable glow about me… I feel so happy and different! Thank you so much!

I wouldn’t be here without you xxx"


Betsey wanted to know her souls purpose.  She was experiencing creative blocks and procrastination.  She wanted to understand her life lessons. She was also suffering with various physical pain issues.

"Thank you for being a catalyst upon my awakening. You are doing a wonderful job, healing, accepting and embracing all energies. I do need to go back over the recordings and redirect it all. But it was definitely the beginning of quite a new chapter and shift for me.  It's a hard core session and when we were talking about my past you noticed patterns and interesting things, but I wish I'd written it down too, hard to take it all in. But then I believe as time goes on it all kind of sinks into place. Thank your a wonderful experience"


Simon had been suffering with migraines for a decade.  They came with a level of anger which was debilitating and incredibly difficult to cope with. Each migraine episode could last for days and they controlled his whole life.

"Thank you for being my guide and taking me through what I can only describe as an out of body experience.  After the session I felt real joy and peace and I had the best sleep ever, and waking up with no pain was like an alien experience. Since the session I have felt subtle changes, but more significantly I have been able to deal with the rage that came from the migraines.  I am much calmer and I can feel my life returning for the first time in ten years!"


Emma was to understand more about the relationships that she had with close family members.  She wanted help setting up boundaries in her life.  She also wanted to release blocks that she had around finances and learn more about her life purpose and her future career.

"From the moment I stepped into the BEAUTIFUL  Sanctuary space I felt so calm and relaxed. Georgina has the most wonderful  caring way and I really felt heard and held by her. My session was amazing and actually brought up something for me that needed to change in my family dynamic and since my session I have seen a huge shift in my life. I cannot recommend Georgina highly enough, she really gives you the time that you need"


Marina wanted to know her purpose in this life.  She wanted to be more confident and less stressed.  She was suffering with anxiety and was feeling angry and frustrated. She also wanted to live a healthier life.

"It was a truly incredible experience! Georgina is so kind and so wise and just lovely.  I have learnt so much about myself. Would definitely recommend.  I'm ever so grateful for the absolutely incredible experience at the session. I've noticed some really good changes.  I don't feel anxious any more when going to work and feel much calmer generally. So far I'm very pleased with the results. I am feeling positive and optimistic. The other anxiety has resolved completely now. I am able to think much more clearly. I feel that the QHHT gave me a brand new start in life. I'm ever so grateful to universe and to you. I can't thank you enough. Huge hugs and lots of love and gratitude"


James wanted to know how to follow his intuition more.  He had heightened emotions and wanted to overcome his fears.  He also wanted to find out his life purpose and how to move forward with his marriage.

"I found the experience beneficial and interesting to say the least. I feel like it happened at a ‘cross roads’ moment in my life. I feel it has given me a little more confidence in being able to express myself more truly. It’s helped me realise my potential more and connecting with other people (which I feel comfortable with anyway, but in certain situations I felt held back, where the QHHT has helped me to identify those situations).  In terms of energy I have felt both open and protected. I would be very interested in doing it again. I feel there’s still stuff to come up"


Kelly wanted to know about her past lives, future lives and life lessons.  She also wanted to know how to heal various physical issues by connecting to her higher self. 

"I’m feeling really good.  Trying to remember to rest and take time for me. I loved the session. Really enjoyed the process. I didn’t feel I received the answers I thought I’d receive, but obviously through the quantum field I received what was necessary for me on my journey. I feel that the key to the learning is opening up to everything and going with the flow!"


Karolina was feeling angry and frustrated on a regular basis and she didn't know why.  She did not seem to be able to motivate herself and had very little patience. She was also experience grief around the recent passing of her Father.

"Such a gentle yet powerful experience which I reflect on daily. Part of the session included healing to help come to terms with a lot of anger following my fathers death and I felt an instant relief"


Mary was suffering with anxiety and depression.  She was experiencing a total lack of focus and had feelings of not being able to cope.  She wanted to know if she would ever be happy again or meet a soul mate.

"I'm feeling much more positive than I was.  The past few months I have felt very heavy on the front of the head/forehead it's been like a brick weighing me down. I have noticed that has gone thanks to your time and help.  Hopefully this will improve and slowly move me forward to being stronger and more positive within myself.  Thank you so much for all the time and effort and kindness you put into helping me.  You definitely chose the right path.  Your a lovely person with a kind soul"


Charlotte suffered with anxiety, she found it hard to relax and wanted to gain more confidence.  She wanted to understand why it was tough for her live in the moment. She struggled to adapt to change and could not let go of the past and she also wanted to know her life purpose.

"Thank you so much Georgina, I was made to feel so at home, comfortable and relaxed and have been left feeling as though a huge weighty has been lifted.  You were so easy to talk to and I felt like I was in the company of a really good friend.  I have been feeling less overwhelmed, less reactive in situations that may be stressful. More positive mindset, more present. Anxiety while driving is less and I am definitely less bothered by the housework. There was a time where I could not leave the house without all the beds being made and now I can walk out without this bothering me at all!"


Sam was struggling with her self confidence and had trouble visualising her future.  She had hormone issues and fear in various areas of her life.

"I can honestly say my QHHT session with Georgina has changed my life. I suffered terribly with lack of self confidence and a feeling of constant struggle with life before my session, working with Georgina has completely changed this. She is an absolutely amazing, gentle and caring soul and instantly puts you at completely at ease. The cabin is so beautiful, relaxing and tranquil, it’s like being in a little holiday getaway. And the hypnosis it’s self is just an amazing feeling. The whole experience was just an absolute pleasure while being incredibly enlightening and essential to my soul journey.  I can’t wait to visit again to experience more of my past lives"


Nick was very interested in finding out more about his past lives.  He wanted to know if he would be happy in a future relationship and requested healing for physical pain in his shoulder and to repair his heart after relationship breakup.

"A massive thank you to Georgina and Dash The Therapy Doggie for an amazing enlightening experience that exceeded my expectations.  There are so many positives that are now taking place post meeting, and in my opinion this is something that many people could benefit from……a ray of sunlight in the current grey uncertain world we live in"


Paula was a returning client who wanted guidance on her future and the welfare of her children. She had blocks around money and a behaviour pattern of self sabotage. She had a lot of physical shoulder pain. 

"On 15 December I had a QHHT session with the lovely Georgina Joel-Russell. I contacted her in November after one of my children had suffered bullying at school. She was the third of my children to suffer bullying and I felt instinctively that there could be a pattern to this and if so, that I was the connective key. Last year I underwent some past life regression hypnosis with Georgie, which helped me to realise some key aspects of my life and my talents, that I had previously been neglecting. Since that session last year, I have connected with those paths and talents and am on my way to establishing a new direction for my life.

Fast forward to November 2020 and I felt that if anyone could help me with the situation with the bullying issues, then it would be Georgie. She agreed to help me and suggested QHHT therapy (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy).

Firstly, Georgie has the most amazing and beautifully peaceful treatment room. As soon as i walked in, all stress and tension dissipated. I even had a cup of tea as we chatted! I unpacked the issues I felt had brought me there and we talked about the things I would like to ask my subconscious mind. I did go in with some specific questions and I had spent the previous day and evening, listening to the meditations she sent me, so I felt my subconscious was probably open and ready to receive any helpful messages.

The hypnosis session lasted around four hours. Time absolutely flew and it felt like thirty minutes. It was an incredible journey and even though it was recorded for me to listen to and reflect back on, I do remember so much of what was spoken during the session. I couldn’t have made up what I said and it was pretty surreal and vivid; like an awake dream. It was a very visual experience for me.

I did get answers to the questions I asked and if anyone wanted answers to those deep questions inside them or to meet their ‘deeper self’, then I cannot recommend Georgina’s QHHT sessions strongly enough. In fact, I have already recommended her to a friend of mine”


James was suffering from bouts of depression and was suffering in general with his mental health.  His body was intolerant to many foods and he was always tired. He wanted to find out why he was so effected by what other people think and why he disliked being alone.

"My experience with Georgina has been life changing. I had no idea what to expect from my session and have been blown away by how powerful it’s been. She’s incredibly easy to talk to and very skilled in navigating the whole process from start to finish. There’s no debate that my life has improved since my session with her"


Grace had breathing problems and difficulties with her throat.  She was also feeling lonely and wanted to know if she would find another partner. She was also looking for guidance on moving forward with her business.

"At all times I felt safe and at ease putting myself in Georgina’s care. I learnt a lot from what was a profound healing experience, which was guided by Georgina in a controlled, yet intuitive and compassionate manner.  The ongoing insights and benefits of coming to a QHHT session with you are invaluable.  The effect on our current life cannot be underestimated.  I can see mistakes I made in past lives repeated in this life, however I have learned from them.  The healing and insists go on for weeks and months afterwards.  Thank you Georgina"


Michael was suffering with health anxiety.  He wanted guidance on how to improve himself and how to break down his barriers on controlling his emotions.

"I was greeted warmly by George and led to a beautiful studio located in the garden. The studio was a very inviting space, it was relaxing and eased any initial nerves I may have had. I felt in a very safe and positive place, which really allowed me to engage with the therapy on a higher level. George and I then started talking about my current life. I could lead the conversation and could share whatever I wanted too. It was very easy to talk with George, as she possesses such as warm nature and approachable manner. I felt like I was talking to my best friend. I shared things about my childhood, family, aspirations and general life philosophies. George listened attentively throughout, and I could tell was fully engaged to what I was saying.

Then, we moved on to talking more about the QHHT therapy. This included answering any of my questions, setting my intentions for the session and preparing for the practical session.  George was very attentive to my questions and answered everything truthfully and sincerely. I felt very relaxed and any nerves now had utterly vanished. I was excited about my previous lives and about what I might learn about myself.

The next part came the Hypnosis and the therapy itself. I won’t go into detail about that because I believe that is best left to be discussed in person.  Prior to arrival, I did worry I wouldn’t be hypnotised, or I wouldn’t be able to see anything. I was hypnotised and I did see three past lives. My fear was totally unfounded. I spent three hours talking about my previous life and it felt like only 10 minutes had passed. I always felt safe and secure, especially with George at the helm. She guided me through my lives, with respect and dignity.

George was very attentive after my session. I felt very comfortable connecting with George, asking further questions or even looking for book recommendations on the subject.  I feel like I have benefitted a lot from QHHT, it has only been four days but I can already see a ton of personal growth and self-development. I have recommended AnenA to all my family and friends and that’s only something I do if I think highly of it.

Also, loved Dash and the YouTube Channel. YouTube really answered so many of my questions, it was a very useful resource!"


Sophie wanted to stop her over-thinking behaviour. She was constantly tired and was not able to let go of past family issues. She struggled to set goals and was frustrated by her own procrastination.

"I had the most incredible experience with Georgina. I hadn’t come across QHHT until we connected & I was instantly intrigued!

I felt relaxed & comfortable as soon as I arrived & started to speak with Georgina. The hypnosis was amazing & the best bit is that I had the recording to listen back to in the days following. Was a great insight to things I had previously worried about. Thank you again!”

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