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I am the founder of AnenA Therapy and a Practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Why I became a QHHT Practitioner

As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to help people.

During my career to date, I have achieved this goal in many different ways, including being a Corporate Recruitment Consultant, a Personal Assistant to a Company Director and Charity Support Worker, but nothing felt completely in alignment with my heart until I became a QHHT Practitioner.

To be honest, I found the work quite by accident, well maybe not by accident, but by the design of the Universe!

Back in 2018, I experienced my very first QHHT when I was researching a way to release a phobia that I had been struggling with all of my life.  

At the time of that session I had also been suffering from M.E/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for almost 15 years, I had OCD and I had faced various bouts of depression and anxiety throughout my 46 years of life.

Within that one session, I explored three past lives.  The life of a primitive man, the life of a dragonfly and the life of a seabird and after receiving information from The Subconscious, I discovered that each one of these past lives had been contributing to my ongoing health struggles. 

With my newfound knowledge and just by following some simple advice from the Higher Self, I was released from each and every one of these conditions and within weeks my life had totally changed.

This is the reason that I became a Practitioner of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique…simply because it CHANGED MY LIFE!

Soon after that very first session, I completed my study and became a fully qualified practitioner of this incredible technique.

I have now been offering QHHT for over five years and I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of people throughout the UK.

My belief in the work and my desire to help people remain as strong as ever, and I KNOW that QHHT offers something extremely powerful.

Via a further session that was facilitated for me in 2021, I connected with my galactic guides and I explored various other off-planet lives, including my initial energy existence in the star consultation of Cassiopeia.  I discovered my Starseed beginnings, my life as a Messenger Angel and my life as a male member of the Essenes community.

I now channel information directly from “The Golden Beings of Light” who are guides that have been assisting me throughout many of my previous lives.

So the Quantum healing Hypnosis Technique has not only offered me physical and emotional healing, but it has also realigned me with my natural psychic and channeling gifts.   

I believe that Human beings are multidimensional creatures who have the ability to heal themselves, given the right conditions and the opportunity to understand themselves better.

I am proof that QHHT has the ability to heal, and I am here today to offer you this wonderful, soul-aligned experience whenever you are ready to receive it!

Sending you BIG LOVE, Georgina xxx

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