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For more information about preparing for a QHHT session, to find out what hypnosis feels like and what to expect during and after a QHHT session, please click on the "Helpful Video's" button below, where you will be directed to Georgina's YouTube Channel.


QHHT is an hypnosis therapy which can involve seeing past lives, the past of your current life, future lives or anything in-between!  The technique was developed by the late Dolores Cannon and is practiced across the globe to help people to move forward in their lives.  Under a level of relaxation, the practitioner guides an individual through a journey.  The journey will be whatever the individual needs to experience in order to heal.  This can be experienced as subtle visualisations, sensations or emotions.  None of these are uncomfortable and it is almost as though you are in a dream like state.  Experiencing these things will help you to get a better understanding of yourself, which in turn will help you to move forward in your life.  The practitioner also has the opportunity to ask questions  when connecting with The Subconscious (Over Soul or Higher Self) in order to facilitate emotional and physical healing.


Yes anyone can be hypnotised if they really want to be.  A state of relaxation and acceptance is required and the understanding that the ego mind does not play a part in the process. It is all about letting go and being open to the idea that hypnosis is possible.  Attempting to take control of the situation will make hypnosis more difficult for the practitioner.  There is always an awareness during hypnosis and this level awareness is different for each person. As soon as the eyes are closed and the individual starts to respond to vocal imagery suggestions, the process will have begun.  It is VERY easy and a very natural state to be in.


On average a QHHT session lasts around six to seven hours.  During that time there is an opportunity to talk about life, family, friends and the reasons why the session is required.  After this relaxation is encouraged and then the hypnosis will start.  The hypnosis lasts for around two to three hours, during which time a journey should be experienced and communication with The Subconscious may take place.  After the session you will be provided with a recording of the entire hypnosis journey which you will be asked to listen to for at least the following three nights.  Listening to the session recording will give you a clearer understanding of the hypnosis experience which in turn promotes further healing.

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