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Yey, you are here my lovely one! So as you have found yourself on this page of my website, I am guessing that you are interested in finding out more about my Channeled Message offering.

First, let me give you a bit of background on how I found myself in this place of connecting with my galactic guides.

At this point, I would like to introduce you to my guide's full and official name which is “The Golden Beings of Light”. To be honest, they don’t really care what I call them, but this is the name that was presented to me when we first connected.

I discovered that I had a connection with the Golden Beings, back in December 2021 after having a QHHT session of my own.


During this incredible QHHT session, I was offered the opportunity to bring the energy of these guides into my current life, in order to connect with them and to be of service to others 


The initial connection with The Golden Beings began many lifetimes ago, and I worked with them in various ways at various points during my soul journey.


As part of my mission here on Earth, I offer Channeled Messages to the collective.  These messages can bring powerful assistance and soul aligned guidance not to mention healing, to anyone (maybe YOU!), who is open to the offering.

The high vibrational frequency of these beings will also have a positive effect on your energy field as your listen to your Channeled Message, and you can ask any questions that you like as their wisdom seems to be expansive!


The Channeled Messages that I offer are around 30 minutes long, and therefore I suggest that three questions are about the limit for this length of connection.


To give you an idea of the type of subjects that my clients request information about, generally, most people want to have clarity around the current life path that they are on:


Is their work right for them? 

Is their relationship right for them? 

Can they support their physical, emotional and spiritual health in a different way? 

How can they create a connection with their own guides?


These Channeled Messages are recorded and sent to you via email, so you do not need to be present.  In effect, the service is offered remotely as I just connect with your energy and all I need is your name, contact details and your three questions.

And the cost of one of these amazing messages is just £65!

If you my darling are looking for powerful, soul-aligned guidance then a Channeled Message from my guides may be just what YOU need.  


If you would like to hear an example of one of my generic Channeled Messages, just click on the Channeled Message button at the bottom of this page.



Sending BIG Love to you my brave Earth Explorer, xxxx Georgina   

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