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When we choose to seek out a new way of being, we need to trust the journey. The path to this new way of being is not always obvious, and there may be some bumps along the way.

Perhaps we have an idea of what is going to happen on this exciting new journey, but it may not end being exactly what we expected. AND THAT’S PERFECTLY OK!

If we go on an adventure to a new place we can have a road map in front of us, but there may be diversions that we have to take. When this happens we don't give up just because we have to pass through a different town or village, we keep travelling on in a forward motion because we want to get to our destination. The same goes for internal change. We shouldn't give up just because the journey is taking us on a different course to the one that we expected. We should embrace the unexpected turns as they will still be teaching us important lessons. The same goes for the hypnosis therapy that I offer. During a QHHT session my clients can be shown lives that are so different to what they expected, and for some this can be disappointing. Having an idea of what we are going to see in the form of our past lives is fine, but please do not be thrown off course if it's not what you actually experience. Your subconscious knows exactly what you are ready to see or feel at that moment in time, and it may well be different to what you had hoped for. This does not make the session unsuccessful, it makes the session relevant to where you are currently at in your present life. BE BRAVE AND TRUST THE JOURNEY! And know that everything is an opportunity for you to learn and you only ever experience what you are ready to experience.

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