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I chose to take some time out recently. I had been so busy seeing hypnosis clients, doing “my thing” on social media and working in my other charity job, that I just needed some proper rest and recovery time. It’s amazing how taking some time out can change your perspective on things.

There was nothing in particular that I was struggling with, but taking the time out helped me to see my life in a different way. I started to see that I could change the way in which I could achieve energy and also use energy. Since being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/CFS in 2003, I have learnt a lot about my own energy. I have become mindful of how and where I choose to use my energy, but I had also been drawing on my own energy. During my recent rest I learnt how to draw on the energy of the Universe. I learnt how to tap into the divine energy available to all of us, and this has helped me so much. We all get tired and we all feel fatigue if we over do it, that’s normal for humans. But just knowing that there is a divine energy that we can access during meditation and prayer, has already had a huge effect on me. In the past few days after going back to work I have already witnessed a change in my energy. When I start to feel a slight lack I just open my heart to the idea that an abundance of energy can be mine just be asking for it. Maybe the next time you are feeling a bit weary, you can open your mind up to the idea that just asking for energy from the Universe will give you what you need.

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