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During my healing journey I tried many, many different therapies. I was diagnosed with CFS/M.E back in 2003. It's a debilitating, chronic illness that effects your whole body leaving it totally weak and pretty much useless and your mind so dizzy and foggy that you can’t even think.

I was advised by my GP at the time that there was no cure and that I should join some support groups. I spent almost three years in recovery and finally got to grips with managing the illness. I spent almost 15 years trying all types of therapy, but none had the positive effects on me that QHHT had. Since having my QHHT session my energy has been much improved, but more than that, something in my whole being changed. I gained a new understanding of who I really was and why I had been feeling that way that I had been feeling. Today I still have to be gentle with myself and am very much aware that my energy can be unstable at times, but I feel very different. It's the reason why I choose to practice this hypnosis therapy today. I 100% believe it it's ability to heal and provide an understanding that changes you and in turn your whole life. If you have tried other therapies and none have offered you any permanent relief, please do reach out. I SEE YOU and I really want to Help. I offer free consultations, so we can chat over the phone and if you like the idea then we can set up a session. A session takes six hours and there are no follow-ups and no homework.After that your life will gently, but very powerfully start to change.

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