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As part of my Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions, questions can be answered. All of my clients are encouraged to bring their questions to the session with them. And these questions can be ANYTHING that they wish to know about themselves. About their lives and how they feel and more importantly…Why they feel the way that they do.

And all of these questions can be answered during the session. During the hypnosis phase of the work, I have the absolute honour of being able to speak directly to The Subconscious. This where all of the answers reside. The Subconscious has been part of every soul journey that you have ever lived. So there is NOTHING that can’t explained! If you have questions about yourself which you have not managed to find answers to yet…Perhaps a QHHT session is the missing step in your soul evolution? Everyone needs answers and I know how you can find them!! I would love to travel through time and space with you, beautiful Quantum Explorer. If you live in the UK and would like to organise a FREE telephone consultation to find out more, please contact me via my website. My QHHT Sessions are £299 and we work together for the whole day.

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