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What Would Love Say?  - Paperback book

Invite to work 1:1 with Georgina


This is a book that can change your life!


A spiritually inspired and unique way to understand and release childhood programming and the voice of fear, and simply replace it with the expansive energy of love.


Georgina is a practitioner of the Dolores Cannon past life regression “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique” and she also acts as a channel for various galactic and inter-dimensional energies.


The information within this book has been offered by Spirit to assist in raising the vibrational frequency of the Earth.


This book is a tool and a reprogramming device and when read regularly, it will offer you the reader, a new level of understanding about your inner dialogue and the opportunity to live your life with more powerful heart-led intention.


The words contained within this book have a consciousness that will resonate deep within your soul, and you will know from the moment that you consume this information, that it is the truth.


PLEASE NOTE: Currently this item is only available for online delivery within the UK & Europe.


If you live outside of these areas please contact me via email and I will organise shipping for you!

What Would Love Say? - Paperback Book

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