A big part of my job as a QHHT practitioner is to listen to my clients. This is obviously no different to a lot of therapies, but perhaps the difference in the therapy that I practise, is that my clients heal by listening to themselves speaking. At the end of each QHHT session the client is provided with a recording hat they experienced during the past life journey, the recording provides them with evidence.

Each and every client experiences EXACTLY what they need to experience during hypnosis and the past lives that they are shown will give them answers to the questions which they have bought to the session. It is not always clear upon first impressions what those answers are, but when a client listens back to the recording and they hear themselves relaying the experiences, the answers slowly falls into place. Hearing our own voice in this way is incredibly powerful and somewhat strange, but it does help us to understand that the answers are always inside of us. Even if we struggle to find them amongst all of the other noise that we carry around in our minds, the answers are always there but perhaps buried deep in our subconscious.

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