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Go for it! That’s my motto and that has always been my motto. I am someone who puts a lot of energy into an idea. I live and breath that idea. I wake up thinking about it and I go to bed thinking about it.

Not all of my ideas have ended in success, but I have always given them my best shot. Sometimes part the way through an idea, I realise that it no longer feels exciting to me. I persevere for a while in case I’m just tired, but if it does not feel good for a long period of time then I just let it go. I rethink my idea and then I move on with something new. The feelings surrounding an idea are key. We need to be excited (for me almost to the point of obsession) for the idea to really grow. We need to give our ideas power and explosive energy if they are going to become something. We also need to be prepared to deviate from our path as and when we need to. No one in their right mind keeps walking a path in the opposite direction to where they really want to go (unless they are lost…) If you have been working on an idea for a while and it’s just starting to feel a bit “meh” maybe it’s time to change the end goal. Maybe it’s time to rethink what it is that you desire. Give the Universe a proper chance to power your dream for you. Changing your mind is not failure. Changing your mind is an opportunity for new experiences and new growth.

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