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I have experienced the ups and downs of female hormones during my life the same as all of the other women that I know. My Mum and my Gran historically had bodies which created very strong ebbs and flows during the month, and so I have a good understanding of how the female cycle effects my moods and emotions. Nowadays I am really in tune with my body and I am sensitive to the signs and listen to its needs. I know when I need to rest and I know when I have more energy available.

I am also very aware of when those few days come around each month that give me more power to speak my mind. There are always a few days during my cycle when I feel particularly able to harness this female power to express an opinion that I have previously chosen to keep to myself. It's a strange and almost uncontrollable urge to speak the truth, and it’s always a truth that needs to be spoken. It's almost as though a very powerful female energy comes to the forefront of my being and gives me no choice but to open up. It will always be the right thing to do and I will always feel at peace once the dust has settled and the subject which needed discussing, has been discussed. I believe that this is my body's way of keep me healthy. As I have spoken about many times, unreleased emotions cause dis-ease in the body and releasing these emotions allows the body to heal. Each month my amazing, powerful female body sends me a message to say "Today is the day!". You need to speak about this subject as it has been bothering you for a while now and if you don't allow it to be free, the emotions attached to the subject will build up and build up until you become unwell. My advice to all of you beautiful female bodies out there, is to tune in to those incredible female hormones and use them to guide you. Tap into the power of the female cycle and allow it to heal you and motivate you, and each month look forward to the ebb and the flow of the female hormone journey.

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