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As you can probably already tell, this blog looks a bit “different” from my usual Blogs. And I’m gonna tell you WHY! I got bored of pink and I'm also getting bored of the idea that spirituality is NOT COOL! Looking back at my posting history, I feel as though I’ve compromised myself…BIG TIME!

I feel as though I have been hiding from you. I feel as though I have been attempting to fit into a spiritual persona…THAT IS NOT EXACTLY ME! Yes I believe 100% in what I have been offering, but I don’t feel as though I have been offering it to you with my own personality. I was scared that you wouldn’t take me seriously..(ego thought) AND I’M SO SORRY FOR THIS. There, I’ve said it and now I’m gonna own it! So it's time for a rebrand and I'm also now on a mission to make QHHT and all spiritual interests cool because they are cool. What's not cool about healing, growing and achieving more? Nothing, it's all cool! So from now I’m not gonna hide, I’m not gonna use good grammar…I’m gonna BE ME. I also have another exciting secret, I am working on a Podcast to explore the idea that the word "Spirituality" turns people off. I will keep you posted on this as it's gonna be crazy, fab and very ME! Sending BIG Love as always, Georgina xxx

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