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Lots of my QHHT clients see themselves as outsiders. They struggled to fit in at school. They straddled different groups, but never really felt part of any of them. This feeling then continued in their lives, through college and workplaces. They may have found the odd close friend along the way, but holding onto relationships always felt like hard work.

Perhaps they hid their differences in an attempt to fit in. SOUND FAMILIAR? I can relate to this feeling, as I also fall into this category of humans. Nowadays I recognise exactly why I always felt different...Because I am! We are all different and we are all unique, But some of us have become more adept at allowing our differences to come to the fore. And I believe the key to accepting this, is to build on your uniqueness. Take the time to realise what it is about YOU, that makes YOU different. Find a way of using these characteristics in a special way. Be brave and be courageous and allow your uniqueness to shine through and soon enough you will attract others who appreciate who you really are, at your core and being different will become your gift to the world. Good luck on your journey Beautiful Soul, you’ve got this! If you need support and you live in the UK and would like to have a telephone chat, please do reach out beautiful, I am here for you.

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