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She is a fairly new neighbour and she has always seemed to be pretty happy. I don't know her very well and the short conversations that we have had since she has became our neighbour have been fairly superficial. Yesterday when I asked her if she could move her Son's van as he had blocked me in our driveway, she didn't take it very well and was very short with me.

The van got moved, but I drove away feeling quite confused about what had just happened. When I returned home I knocked on my neighbours door to ask if she was OK. she was not OK. In fact she was far from OK. The current lockdown situation was getting to her as she was unable to work and had been spending a lot of time in the house with her own thoughts. I stood on her doorstep and I listened. I listened to her pouring out her heart and sharing her thoughts and feelings with me. This was a brave and independent person who had been brought to her knees by her own thoughts. Thoughts from the past that were catching up with her and that she was becoming overwhelmed by. I offered her support and understanding, but the real struggle for my neighbour was that she had no coping mechanism in place for dealing with that voice in her head and the thoughts that it provoked in her. This is something that we all have to learn and we all have to learn it in our own time and when we are really ready. The voice that I talk about is the ego voice and it can be loud and it can be cruel sometimes, but I promise you that we can all learn to work with it. With a bit of practice and a bit of guidance that voice can be quietened. Now is the time to do this work people, while we have the space in our lives and we have an urgent need to change. It’s all about baby steps and being gentle with yourself. Find something that works for you and don’t give up. I am sending you all love and self power in these challenging times.

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