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We have the opportunity to release some of the burden. We don't expect the person listening to take that burden from us, but sharing a difficult experience gives us the chance to help the person listening understand why we are feeling a certain way. As part of my therapy it is important that each one of my clients feels heard and they need to share their worries with me as this is one of the first steps in healing.

As human beings we tend to carry a lot of emotional attachment to the past. We continue to travel around with a rucksack of negative experiences & they weigh us down to the point that our backs are bent. Of course it's not always easy to let these worries go as they have shaped us into the person that we are today, but it is absolutely essential that we do. Negative emotions held in the body always lead to negative physical symptoms in the body.

The body has one way of communicating with us & that is by providing us with sensations. When we start receiving negative sensations such as pain or discomfort, it's our bodies way of saying "Hey listen to me". The location of these pain messages are also a guide as to where we need to be paying more attention in our lives. Each pain message in the body is a message relating to a particular area of our lives. For example if you have problems with your throat the question that you could perhaps ask yourself is "What are you not allowing yourself to say?". If you have physical discomfort in your ears the question that you could perhaps ask yourself is "What is it that you don't want to hear?" and so on. When I am listening to the worries of my clients I can begin to predict the physical symptoms that they will be experiencing. With this knowledge you can also start to understand which of the worries that you are carrying around with you, demands your immediate attention based on how painful the relating physical issue is for you. Sharing our worries with others is important, but sharing them with ourselves in a way which can provide guidance on the health of our physical body is also powerful and very helpful.

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