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She was only a year older than us and it was unexpected and sudden. This experience was my first memorable experience of human passing. I had experienced the death of my pets, but not of a real person. At 10 things seem pretty black and white, but at the same time anything seems possible.

I remember back to the day that my best friend came into school and told me about how her Mum had taken her to see a medium, and how they had communicated with her Sister who had passed. I was fascinated. From that moment on, although I didn't realise it at the time, everything changed for me. I had an understanding of how our spirit lives on after it has left the human body and how we are still able to communicate with that soul energy. This one event has shaped me forever. It was some time before I had my own reading with a medium, but my fascination with the process of life and death and the connection that we can have with spirit, remained. I am positive that this particular event was always meant to be part of my human journey, as without it I would not be person that I am today and I would not be doing the therapy work and the internal work that I chose to do. The death of a loved one is a very personal experience and we all deal with grief in our own way, but I believe that the love connection never dies. The human body is removed from our every day lives, but the spirit of that person lives on. In my therapy work I take people through their own death process at the end of each life that we journey through, and it is always a peaceful part of the work. It is an opportunity for that person to reflect back on the life that they have just lived and understand the purpose from a different perspective. I believe that the purpose of my current life is to help people to understand their own purpose and to support them in their own understanding of what life and death really is. This has to be a game changer for everyone, and I believe that for each one of my clients who have experienced their own past life journey with me, it absolutely is!

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