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Change can be uncomfortable and it can be confusing. We often know when something in our life no longer feels right, but moving on from it can be difficult. We have a good day and we decide that we really can change, and then we have a challenging day and all those thoughts of changing move to the back of our mind. But what about if you could just flick a switch in your mind and the changes that you would like to implement, start to take place? That would be amazing right? Well, you can.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis works in exactly this way. The hypnosis flicks a switch and your subconscious does the rest. After a QHHT session things just start to change. The negative behavioural patterns that you used to rely on are almost erased, and within a short period of time you feel different. It's hard to describe and it's impossible to understand unless you have experienced it. I can speak from experience and so can all of my clients. For me the changes happened over a matter of weeks and months. One day I realised that I was no longer exhibiting the patterns of behaviour that had be causing me stress. They had just disappeared and they never came back. We may work really hard on consciously changing, but without the help of the subconscious mind we are only dealing with part of the issue. If you want to change something in your life, work with the subconscious mind and it will be so much easier.

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