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You have probably heard this phrase before and in my line of work we use it a lot, because it's true. Each one of us is living a life which is giving us experiences that help us to live our life purpose. Life purposes always sound like pretty simple things when I uncover them with my clients, learning to love, learning to be loved, learning to forgive etc, but when we don't know what our life purpose it can be harder to understand why we are going through these experiences.

We get caught up in the emotions and we can't always see what it may be trying to teach us. Once you understand why you are having the life experiences that you are having, it all starts to make more sense. You can start to look at things in a different way as an observer of these situations. I love helping people to find their life purpose and it's a big part of the QHHT experience. When a situation is really difficult and you feel as though you just can't deal with it anymore, I can help you to find out why it is being given to you. If you have been through this kind of experience many times in your life and you are just sick and tired of it, then I can help you to find out what steps you need to take to learn from it, to move on so that you don't have to keep repeating it. You don't need to totally understand this theory in order for me to be able to work with you, you just need to have an open mind to the idea that maybe we could find the answers together. Many of my clients are sceptical about the process when they arrive, but by the time we have completed the QHHT journey together they have a different point of view.

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