From the moment that I got up yesterday stuff just went wrong. From the internet going down just before I had a zoom call with my mentor, to having to wash my hair with my dogs shampoo! Everything that I touched seemed to go wrong. At one point I seriously thought about going back to bed, but I didn't.

I carried on and I laughed. Each time that I was faced with another Tuesday challenge I reminded myself that this life is all just a game and that the Universe is testing me with these small, but really annoying obstacles. By the time my Husband came home in the evening I had a whole list of ridiculous situations to tell him about including the handle coming off of my car door and getting a beanbag stuck on the passengers seat (that's a long story!!). Anyway, I got through it all and at the end of the day I laughed at how mad it all sounded as I hugged my husband and relayed my day. This got me thinking about how lucky I am. How lucky I am to have a loving husband and friends to call on when I have a day like this. Lots of people right now are totally isolated and having a hug from the special person in their lives, or making a call to a friend who understands, is just not possible. Yes, we can all dig deep and we can get through these ridiculous days on our own, but everyone needs an outlet for their frustrations and I want you to know that I SEE YOU and I know that you are struggling too and that I think that YOU ARE AMAZING!

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