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Can be a rocky one, and that's OK. Growing is often uncomfortable because we find ourselves in a new place where things feel different. Many of my clients are in stages of recovery, and it can be confusing.

There are feelings of desperation, loss of control and ultimately fear. And all of these feelings are very valid and play a role in recovery, but they don't need to take your power. You can experience these feelings from a place of understanding and compassion. During hypnosis we explore the fear and we conquer it in a gentle, loving way so that it simply fades. Once the work has been done during the 6 hour hypnosis session, all you need to do is trust the process. Know that your understanding of yourself has grown and you are growing with it. Each day after a QHHT session things will start to shift for you. The situations that used to bother you will start to decline and slowly you will recover. You will take back your power and you will embrace the growth and you will become the version of yourself that you have been fantasising about. Be brave gorgeous warrior, I am here to support you in your life journey whenever you are ready for me.

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