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Can be challenging right? We spend so much time looking for people to connect with and to share our lives with. It's a very human need to love and to be loved in return and there is nothing quite like finding that love connection, but it's also important to remember that we CAN do this for ourselves.

Having external sources of connection is great when they are available, but sometimes they are not. Sometimes we find ourselves totally alone. These are the times when we have to look inside of ourselves to find a different kind of connection. We have to look to ourselves to find the answers. I promise you that the answers are there inside of you and we can all do this. It's not a magical gift that only a special few have access to, it is a special gift that we all have access to. Right now the ability to be alone and to still be OK is even more important than ever. Be your own light and you will never be alone again.

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