It is very easy to go about your day on autopilot. To go through the motions of everyday life without even recognising the wonders that are around us all the time. At the moment at lot of us are working from home with limited access to the outdoors, but we probably do have windows which give us a view to the outside world.

How about during your day you take five minutes to simply look out of your window? See the sky and the clouds, perhaps also even see the trees and maybe the birds. Let your mind wander and enjoy the natural beauty around you. Even if you live in a built up area you can probably still loose yourself in the sky. Watch how the colours change during the day and how the clouds appear and then drift away without any effort whatsoever. During these times of uncertainty we can still rely on nature to be happily doing its thing. Living, breathing, growing, dying just as we are, and that for me it is reassuring and helps my mind to be in the moment and to feel a sense of calm.

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