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For some people reading this it may sound unbelievable, and I get that! For some people taking a person back through their past lives may sound unbelievable, and I get that too!

But this is my job as a QHHT therapist, and so I perhaps have a different understanding of what is or is not possible.

My client was shown this life as a mermaid for many reasons, and each reason was a perfect example of how the subconscious provides us with answers in a way that we can understand. Whether you believe mermaids to be the stuff of legends or whether you believe mermaids to be part of lost Civilisations such as Lemuria or Atlantis, it doesn't really matter. The point is that the previous lives that my clients are shown during hypnosis, have a powerful effect on them. The experience changes them in an indescribable way. Having the knowledge that your soul has experienced the pure freedom of swimming underwater for hours.Or that your soul knows how it feels to communicate directly without words with other natural beings.This all somehow translates into your current life and you feel powerful and special. That's what this work is all about. Bringing back your power in a way that you can feel it and sense it and know it. My clients are so effected by their past life experiences, that when they awaken out of a state of hypnosis they bring this power with them into their current lives. What could be more incredible than helping another human being seize their power?

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