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It was a great description and I understood exactly how she felt. She also did a drawing of how her mind appeared to her, and it was a dark scribble of ink. I am sure that many of us have felt this way at times in our lives, and really isn’t nice.

The feeling that all of our thoughts are muddled up and tangled together into one big mass of words and emotions. When we get to this place it can seem impossible that we will ever find a way out, but we can. These thoughts can be unravelled and straighten out with the help and guidance of our subconscious mind. When we work in a deep state of hypnosis, the struggles that we are experiencing can be viewed from a different perspective. The confusion seems to get erased and the subjects that seemed insurmountable when we were working with our conscious mind, suddenly appear much clearer. With this new perspective we can move forward in a more streamlined way. Everyone has times in their lives that seem to be a muddle, but I promise you that with QHHT these times do not need to last indefinitely.

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