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Not for real (obvs!), but in my dreams. I woke up this morning and while I was making my coffee I remembered this bizarre dream, so I thought I'd share it (other people’s dreams are never as exciting I know, but what the hell!!). In this dream I was with a big group of people, random people that I know in this life, and we were all climbing a mountain together.

When very suddenly the mountain started to move and a huge hole appeared and everyone got sucked into it. We were all falling (including my husband and our doggie), rocks were colliding and people were speeding past my head with all manner of injuries. Then an enormous rock hit me on the side of my temple and I just begun to leave my body. It was the most incredible feeling of vast freedom that I have ever felt. There was no longer a heavy body attached to me, but instead I felt light and sparkly and really at peace. At that moment I remembered the our soul contracts that we had all made, to leave this earth together in this particular way. I started to move towards the light, but then I woke up. This morning I have been left with the residue of the dream on my skin and it still feels incredible. It's unusual for me to dream about dying and I have certainly never had such an all encompassing experience as this before. I said to my husband that I hope it's not a premonition or a sign from spirit (I had a lot of spirit contact yesterday throughout my day, it happens that way for me sometimes!). And he suggested that if we get invited on mountain climbing holiday and the dog is invited too, then we had best not go!!! I think it's just a message reminding me that we all only have so much time in each life, and that when we do "go home" it will be an amazing, wonderful peaceful experience. If there are any dream readers out there, I would love to hear your views on my dream…..

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