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I love my job as a QHHT therapist. I love helping people to become better versions of themselves. I love seeing my client’s float away from my Sanctuary studio after their hypnosis session with me.

I also love hearing about their life journey after the session and when things start to fall into place for them. I can't explain how important it is for me to help people. I have felt this way all my life. In whatever job I have done, my main focus has always been to help. I believe that whatever skill we have, we can turn that skill into helping others. I would like to think that my hypnosis work has an impact on more people than just the ones who choose my therapy. It has an impact on the family members who surround my clients. It has an impact on the strangers that my clients meet during their day. It has a positive impact on everyone who knows about it and does not know about it, and I am very proud of that.

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