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That voice in your head the one that you have little chats with throughout the day. The one that can discourage you or encourage you depending on the relationship that you have with it. That voice that can be the difference between success or failure. It is the voice that can stop you in your tracks and remind you that you are not clever enough, not skinny enough, not pretty enough.

You know the voice that I am talking. Well how about if I told you that you can actually become pretty good friends with that voice? In my work it is necessary for you to have a positive, but pretty strict internal conversation with that voice before we start the hypnosis and ask it to step aside and keep its opinions to itself. It can be part of the process, but it is not expected to have an opinion. Without this internal conversation you may struggle to go into a deep level of relaxation. Some people find this exercise tricky and I am guessing that it is because they very rarely have a direct and strict conversation with it as most of the time that voice is in control. It's like having a jealous and demanding friend who always tries to spoil your fun as they are not enjoying themselves as much as you are. So what do you end up doing eventually with that jealous and demanding friend? You probably get very tired of their ways and you eventually part company. But what if parting company is not possible for whatever reason? Perhaps you have known them all your life and you feel bad about abandoning them or they are a family friend and it will effect other people if you are no longer connected. In that case you have to learn to work with that friend in a different way, a way that means that you can both be in the same room together and not fight. My advice for dealing with that voice in your head is to find a way to work with it. Listen to it and then ask it to be more understanding. Treat it like a small child that needs love and care. That voice is your "ego" and if you really want to find peace and you really want to move forward in your life then you and the ego need to come to an understanding about who is the boss and who isn't!

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