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I may be petite, blond and like pink fairies (don't we all?), but I am also a powerhouse. Don't let the external presentation of my soul confuse you into to thinking that I am not capable of dealing with the darkness. I have met the darkness face to face and I conquered it! The same way that I will help you to conquer the darkness which may appear in your life. I have been told by a couple of previous QHHT clients that my sessions are "hard core", and I guess that they are.

I have successfully worked with many clients who have found themselves in the darkest of places. Those addicted to hard drugs and alcohol. Those who have been mentally, physically and sexually abused. Those suffering with severe depression and chronic physical pain. Those who have worked in the sex trade. Those who have been abused and neglected as children. Those with mental heath issues. I have heard it all and nothing phases me, as I know that these are just life experiences. And if we chose to have these issues as part of our human lives, then we are incredibly brave souls. We are all warriors in my book and we all have the ability to heal. QHHT is "hard core" therapy as life can be hard core. There is nothing that cannot be healed with QHHT, as long as you are ready to release the struggle. Are you ready to release YOUR struggle.....I hope so and I am here for you when you are. Sending BIG Love, Georgina xxx

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