When I had my QHHT session a few years ago, I discovered so many important things about myself. The lives that I was shown all had really relevant answers stored within them. I had been experiencing M.E / CFS severe fatigue for many, many years and I was looking for reasons as to why this terrible condition was plaguing my life. I was shown that in one of my previous lives I was a dragon fly that barley had a chance to rest due to the nature of its life span.

I had bought this need to be on the move and never rest, into my current life even though it was no longer necessary. As soon as I experienced this life and understood that I no longer had to live that way, the desire to keep moving was erased from my life. The same goes for the OCD issue that I had attached to constant cleaning and the obsession with dirt. I was shown a life in which I was a very primitive man living in mud huts and constantly covered in dirt. As soon as I experienced this life and understood the remnants of that life that I had bought into this life, the OCD was removed from my life. The biggest hurdle that I over came within that session was my phobia of knives and having my skin cut. I experienced a life in which I was a sea bird that was hacked to death my a metal ice pick. It was pretty traumatic, but the pain was removed by the hypnosis therapist during the session and just by understanding where my phobia had come from, I was able to release it from my life. I realise that this all sounds a bit far fetched for some, but this really is how the therapy works.

Not everything in our human lives requires a human understanding in order to provide positive effects, some things are just created in a different dimension....

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