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This is a statement that one of my clients sent to me recently when I was catching up with her after a QHHT session, and she is right! Our subconscious mind takes care of 90% of our thoughts and our conscious mind takes care of only 10% of our thoughts. This really is incredible when we probably imagine that our conscious mind guides us most of the time. The reason that I feel that we are deluded in this way is because our conscious mind is pretty loud in comparison to our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is gentle and quiet, but it knows what is best for us and responds from a loving and caring point of view. Yes it's true that our conscious mind deals with logic, willpower and short term memory, but our subconscious mind takes care of creativity, beliefs, values, emotions and feelings and our long term memory. It's interesting to think about which part of our minds we give most of our attention to. Our subconscious mind always wants what is best for us. If we take the time to tap into that part of us that can guide us via intuition we can start to make heart felt decisions.Hypnosis and QHHT uses he subconscious mind to change patterns of behaviours by tapping into the wisdom and the love of this incredible part of the mind.

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