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I know you are looking to manifest that beautiful, powerful future version of yourself. And you know she’s ready and waiting for you, because you have seen her.

How do I know this? Because you would not be reading this post or following me if this had not occurred to you yet! I want to help you to prepare for this future event and be totally ready, so I am offering you the following:

➡️ 6/7 hours of total YOU time in a safe and protected space.

➡️A chance to explore your past and really understand who you are.

➡️An opportunity to release all that is no longer serving you, easily and gently.

➡️A direct and powerful connection to The Subconscious.

➡️An experience which could lead to exploring your past lives.

➡️An experience which could lead to exploring your future life.

➡️The chance to obtain answers to everything that you need to know.

➡️An audio recording of the whole mind blowing hypnosis experience.

And all of this for just £299! Sounds good right? In this moment I invite you to feel into this idea, and if it resonates and feels good…then I am here to facilitate a wonderful, supportive and future creating QHHT session just for YOU!

Start working on the future YOU in 2022....

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