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During a consultation recently one of my clients told me that she was "Scared to shine" and I get this. We may understand our purpose and we may also understand that we have every right to experience it at its highest level, but the fear in us can have an effect. This very same client also told me that she knew that she was made for bigger things and that she had to remove this fear so that she could go on and do those bigger things.

I believe that we all know in our hearts the things that we were created to achieve. We are drawn to certain things and we feel good when we are doing them, so we keep doing them and we get really good at doing them and then we start to become recognised. Others around us take notice of our achievements and then we feel as though we have some standard to maintain. This is the point at which some of us freeze. We know that this is our dream, but then the doubts start to appear. I have spoken about the doubt voice before and I understand that it can be very powerful. In order for us to step into our full bright and shining selves we need to quieten that doubt voice and move forward without giving it any power. Yes it can be scary and yes it can be uncomfortable, but if you think back to all of those times when you have felt this way before and yet you have still forged ahead, you will know what awaits you at the end of that path. Feelings of strength, confidence, power, bravery, I could go on and I am sure that you could also add to this list. So let's do it together. Let's support each other and encourage each other and soon enough we will all be shining so bright that we will have created our own sunshine.

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