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There were periods in my life where I really wanted to fit in. I wanted to be accepted in a corporate working environment and I tried very hard for many years to prove that could achieve this. I was successful in my efforts to a degree, but I was also terribly unhappy.

I endured bullying within teams of women and witnessed ego aerobatics between teams of men. Every morning I chose to put a smile on my face and don my work suit which I thought magically turned me into a different person. A person that I had created to fulfil a role, but who did not provide me with any fulfilment. I carried on this way for many years until I just couldn't do it anymore. I had run out of energy. I was done.

I took almost a year out and then I considered my options and I very quickly found a role that I was able to transfer my skills into, but which was in a charity environment supporting adults with learning disabilities. The moment that I walked into the Church were the charity Head Office was based, I knew that I had found my tribe! People who cared. People who were not motivated by the numbers in their bank account, but who were motivated by giving back to society. I still work at this charity now between running sessions for my hypnosis business. This role reminds on a regular basis that caring is for others, especially the vulnerable, is more important than any amount of money and it helped me to understand that trying to fit in can spark off all kinds of insecurities in us. Finding a place where we can be our authentic selves is so important and it brings a totally different level of acceptance. We feel in tune with ourselves and the people around us, and this in turn can also help us to create the internal acceptance that we all desire. We are tribal at the core and neglecting this fact can only lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Find your tribe and you will also find you.

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