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Recently I have been carrying out a lot more telephone phone consultations with my clients, prior to them booking a QHHT session with me. I enjoy these interactions with people as I am genuinely fascinated by human beings and I enjoy offering support and guidance. I guess I wouldn’t be able to do this work if I didn’t find these things enjoyable, but I have discovered recently that not everyone enjoys listening.

Some people prefer to share their story, but they prefer not to listen to the guidance being offered. They may appear to be listening in the moment, but then I realise a little later in the conversation that they appear not to have heard me. When I am listening I hear and feel the pain that is associated with the words that are being spoken. I respond to the pain in the words and I acknowledge it in every way that I can. I am now beginning to understand that this is not a behaviour that we all choose to explore. Within my therapy I work with many different kinds of people and I really do connect with each and every person that I work with. I always find some common ground, a shared understanding so that I can then communicate in a way that can be more easily understood. I really love the adventure involved in connecting with my clients. I welcome each step of the journey and I pride myself in my ability to adapt to the needs of my clients, whilst also retaining my own authenticity. Listening is a skill in itself and I am beginning to understand this more and more each day. If we can learn to listen more, then I believe that we can also learn to learn more!

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