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Wear a flower crown! Why not? I still have the one that I wore on my wedding day and I'm thinking of wearing it in the house. It's as good an idea as any of the other strange and out of the ordinary ideas being banded around right now. We are all having to think outside the box in these crazy times, and I am definitely thinking outside the box when I say that I DON’T WANT YOU TO EVEN CONSIDER MY HYPNOSIS THERAPY RIGHT NOW!!!!

The chances are that I don't know you, but I probably know people like you and those people have so much going on at the moment that hypnosis therapy could not be further from their minds. Kids, homeschooling, single handedly running a business from home, trying to find time to exercise and to top it all off dealing with the madness of lockdown hair! And yes it is just hair, but all of these frustrations add up and until eventually you feel as though you just want to give up. Well I am here to tell you that you are not giving up. YOU ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB! You are holding it together and you are getting through it day by day. Some days probably feel as though they go on forever and some days feel as though just aren't enough hours. I am not offering you my QHHT therapy right now as I know that you have enough on your plate, but what I am offering is a moment for you to reflect on how AMAZING you are. Maybe no one has told you this lately, but you are. I can't give you a hug, but what I can do is I offer you the only thing that is available to most of us right now and that is words. My words of encouragement to say “I see YOU” and “You've got this!” Sending BIG LOVE as always.

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