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I had a down day yesterday. I didn't feel sad or lonely or I just felt a bit "off". I was less focused than usual and my body felt less energetic than I am used to, so I simply accepted it. I allowed the lack of focus and energy steer me in a different direction. I had some things that I wanted to achieve in that day, but I knew that if I attempted to carryout these tasks they would not go as well as they would have had I of chosen to do them on a different day, so I left them.

That's it, I LEFT THEM!!! Wow that is progress for me as I am a doer and if I have a list of things to be done I will usually do them regardless of how I feel as I hate the idea of having failed. But did I fail? No not at all as I was the one who gave myself the list of things to do in the first place and I was the one who chose not to do them on that particular day. I did not fail and instead I did some learning about myself and in my book that is not failing. I learnt that the world is not going to stop just because I chose to watch some Netflix in the afternoon instead of creating my 2021 vision board. I learnt that today is a new day and that I can do those tasks today now that I am feeling a different kind of energy. Life is all about learning to accept what is happening to you at that exact moment and working with it in the best way that you can. We all have down days and we all have up days and they come and go in our lives as often as we breathe. What is important is that we are kind to ourselves during those down moments. We give ourselves a little internal hug and we tell ourselves that we are doing our best and that we are an amazing human being and that just for today we are allowed to be whatever we need to be.

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