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Last night I was woken up and offered insight that I have been encouraged to share. It was so powerful and I am still buzzing about it now! I was given so many visuals around how creation came about, and why (that's a whole different post!). And I was asked to share with you today, the reason why so many are struggling right now. It's due to EGO. Human Beings are born with a faultless inner guidance system.

This system is called “Feelings”. TO USE THE SYSTEM FOLLOW THESE RULES: If it feels “good” it's a YES. If it feels “not good” it's a NO. If we opt for “not sure/I don’t know” then Ego is involved. Pure Self knows everything about how it feels, it always KNOWS! If you feel that you are unable to connect to your inner guidance system, spirit, angels, guides…. It's just EGO! Ego can only exist if we choose not to recognise it, and it can be sneaky. Ego can be understood and then politely asked to move aside and Pure Self remains and EVERYTHING is possible! If you feel that EGO is part of your life, then perhaps feel into a time in your past when you learnt to stop trusting yourself. Maybe you made a decision that led to an end result that you were not expecting or you hoped for something different. Instead of moving into fear around that decision being wrong, I invite you to consider that the end result was exactly what you were meant to experience in order to grow and to evolve. Does that help you to understand that everything is as it is meant to be and therefore you can trust yourself? I hope this message resonates with you and I am sending BIG LOVE, as always xxx Georgina

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