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As part of my QHHT therapy sessions I spend at least 2 hours with my clients talking about their lives. When I ask them the question "Can you tell me about you?" the majority of people start to tell me about the other people in their lives. Of course this time is for my clients to share with me whatever they need to share in this moment, but it does always intrigue me that so many of us seem to be carrying around the worries of others.

We allow ourselves to become entangled in the emotions of the people that we care about and we almost neglect our own feelings. Today I feel as though I need to highlight to you that this is not how it needs to be. You are your own person and you have a right to your personal space, which includes keeping emotional boundaries. If the other people in your life choose to behave in a certain way then it’s fine. It's their life and ultimately their journey, but you still have a choice to behave in the way that resonates with you. When we take on board the worries and the behaviours of others we are telling ourselves that we don't matter as much as they do, but we do matter, we matter a great deal! Next time someone wants to pull you into their story, remember your boundary. You can be kind and you can still support this person, but you do not need to become emotionally entangled in their drama. Imagine a bright light all the way around the outside of your body. This is your protection. The white light repels all that is not good and attracts peace and relaxation. Try it, I bet it starts to help.

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