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I have spoken with various clients recently who do not know what makes them happy. I guess it's not a question that gets asked that often, if the answer is not there at the forefront of the mind. But if we don't truly know what makes us happy then how can we expect to find happiness? Do we just go about our daily lives hoping that one day the cloud will lift and happiness will just stream in?

Or do we take some time to really think about this question? I am a big fan of doing what makes me happy, and I know that this does not make me a selfish person this makes me a happy person. I make sure that every day I look around me and I ask myself whether what I am doing right now, at that moment really makes me happy. If it doesn't then I ask myself why I am doing it. Of course there are some things that I don't directly attach happiness to, but if they are part of a process which ultimately leads to me feeling happy then I am totally fine doing them. For example I can't say that emptying the kitchen bin makes me happy, but having a clean and tidy kitchen actually does. It makes me really happy as I feel proud of my home and I love what my Husband and I have created together through hard work, persistence and vision. It doesn't matter what the things are that create that warm, fuzzy feeling inside of you and no one has the right to judge you on your list of things that make you happy as it is your list, but please do sit down and make that list and then ask yourself how many of those things do you include in your day? It may surprise you and it could be the answer as to why you are not feeling as good as you know you can.

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