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I do! I believe that we create our own magic when we observe and recognise the small synchronicities which happen around us everyday. The connections that take place which lead us to where we are meant to be. The people who we meet that change our lives, and the places that we go which direct us on to a new path.

It's all magic! I experience a level of magic each and every time I work with once of my hypnosis clients. I get to sit quietly beside them as they experience previous lives that they have lived. They share that life with me in all of its detail. The loves, the losses the accomplishments and the disappointments. During each past life journey I take with my clients I get a front row seat to their life lessons and their life purpose. What could be more magical than that? Oh maybe speaking directly with their subconscious mind which provides all of the answers to the questions my client has bought to the session with them! Yes, it's all totally magical! If we can just allow ourselves the time and the space to consider that everyday we have the opportunity to see, hear, feel and taste magic, then I know that we definitely will!

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