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I have suffered with depression twice in my life and both for substantial periods of time. I remember the feelings of hopelessness as if it was happening to me yesterday. The feeling of a heavy blackness residing in the pit of my stomach. The uncontrollable urge to breakdown at any moment, and the feeling that my body was made of glass that could crack and fall part if I was touched by another human being.

These were really dark times for me, but I was lucky enough to come through them with the help of some kind and understanding people (one of which I can now call my Husband). It will be a strange thing for you to hear if you suffer in this way, but I am so grateful for those dark times. They provide me with a balance, a yin and a yang. These periods of depression have also given me first hand experience of this unforgiving condition, so that now I am able to connect authentically with my clients who also suffer in this way. We speak the same language. Depression has a way of dividing its’ victim from the rest of the world, but when that isolated soul can find a voice of hope in another human being, it is a powerful connection. The transformation can begin and the dark can become the light once again.

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