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Starting my own wellness business has been pure growth from the very offset. Studying a new modality, financially committing, taking exams, finding willing participants for case studies, giving up my employed roll and putting myself out there. It has been a lot, but not once did I give myself the option to slow down or even consider stopping.

Recently I did my first ever public speaking to a group of lovely people who are suffering with mental health struggles, I have created my own Facebook group to help to support women rebuilding themselves after a relationship break-up and my own Meetup Group for women entrepreneurs. Once upon a time I would never have imagined that I was capable of all of this. Once upon a time I could not even walk outside of my flat without feeling anxious. 18 years ago I had just been diagnosed with M.E/CFS, an incurable and debilitating illness which effects your whole body and then your mind. But I refused to give up and I refused to give in. It just goes to show what we humans can do when we put our minds to it. When we create our own opportunities in the form of dreams, desires and goals we really can prove it to ourselves that we are strong, brave and motivated to do good in the world. If you suffer from anxiety or physical conditions which are stopping you from moving forwards, think about how you can invest in yourself in order to grow. You will find a way and you will create your own opportunities, I just know it!

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