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In many of my QHHT sessions the blocks that we release are around self belief. The idea that we are not able to move forward in our lives due to our own inabilities seems very real. But it's not real!!

It's a figment of our imagination created by a long standing belief system. Often this belief system has been put in place during childhood. But sometimes this belief system has found its roots in adulthood. It doesn’t matter when the idea of a lack of self belief entered into the mindset. What does matter is the absolute fact that it can be released. In a QHHT session we sit and talk about your life for at least 3 hours before we even start the hypnosis. And during that time we start to connect the dots around why self belief is a struggle. Once we understand the root cause or causes, the subconscious sets to work on providing the evidence. When you are under in hypnosis, you will be shown visually exactly why you are feeling the way that you are. And once you go through this incredibly powerful experience, your belief in yourself will change. If you are struggling with self belief, please don’t feel that its something that you have to live with….Its not!!! I offer face to face Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique sessions from my beautiful garden studio based in Brighton in the UK. Each session lasts for around 6/7 hours and you only require ONE session as we can work through all of your struggles in that one day and at a cots of £299. Reach out and contact me if this resonates with you my darling Earth Explorer

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