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If you are anything like me then you find it difficult to ask for help. I am more than happy to offer my help wherever it is needed and I am more than happy to struggle on without asking for help, but why is this? I know how good it feels to support another person in their quest to achieve, but when it comes to asking for someone to do the same for me I almost freeze at the idea.

It's as though I have failed by not being able to do this thing on my own, but this is simply is not the case. Asking for help is as valuable to the person who you are asking, as it is for you. It is an exchange of energy that both individuals can benefit from. This year I am going to invest in this idea more than ever and I am going to change my way of thinking from "Being independent is the only way" to "Asking for help is the only way". None of us are able to do everything ourselves, and if the only way forward is to ask for help then it must be better than sitting in the same position stuck because we refuse to swallow our pride and ask the question "Please can you help me?".

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