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Who has got the time or the money to have a QHHT session right now? Probably not many of you, and that's OK. I understand that you are juggling a million and one things and that hypnosis therapy couldn't be further from your mind.

What I would like you to do however, is to consider it being an option for you for when things have settled down a bit. When you do have a moment to think about investing in yourself and taking the next step in your personal evolution. You will know when you are ready for that. When the time is right for you to investigate a little further into who you really are and what you really need in order to move forward in your life. I will be here ready and waiting to provide you with the support and the encouragement that you need. In the mean time, keep going. Keep doing your thing and know that the QHHT journey is available to you at any time, and that when you do take that next step you will be really pleased that you did!

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