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It's finally here! The first episode of my brand new Podcast The "S" Word. This is a Podcast created by two spiritual crazies who love to chat! I created this with my absolute bestie, Samara Crane who is a Reiki and Energy Healer. Both Sam and I have so much to offer in the sense of our own spiritual journeys, that we decided to create a way of sharing our experiences with YOU beautiful.

In this episode, we talk about the current cosmic energies and how they have been affecting us. We also offer guidance around getting through these unsettling times. Please excuse the sound quality on this first episode (it's not perfect, but we didn’t want to waste the chat!). These Podcasts are going to be put out weekly (well that's the plan anyway). Sam and I would love it if you could have a listen, maybe when you are cooking dinner or walking the dog. It's fun, it's high energy and most of all it's authentically us. Just two Spiritual Sisters having a chat. We both really hope that you enjoy listening to them as much as we know we are going to enjoy recording them! BIG LOVE, Georgina & Sam xxx

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