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If you are not used to the word โ€œtriggersโ€ yet, it basically means when something or someone pushes your buttons. When you experience an emotional response to something or someone, you start to feel angry, irritated or upset. These moments (although a bit shitty at the time) are actually total gifts.

They help us to recognise the areas of us that require healing or taking a deeper look at. During your life you have probably gone through emotional trauma, am I right? And you have probably thought that you have recovered from it, am I right? But if you are experiencing these moments of heightened emotion (or sometimes just surprising emotion), then there is still some work to do.

Self-awareness is the key here beautiful one, so my guidance to you today is to start to observe the times that you feel triggered. Ask yourself at that moment โ€œWhat does this situation/person remind me of?โ€ I know for sure that it will have been a past experience which you have not fully recovered from, and that's OK as we all have them, but you can get to a point when people and situations have very little effect on you. This is when you are at your most POWERFUL and this is soul evolution!

I believe that the key to healing is understanding what the wound is, where it initiated itself and offering that part of you love, understanding, compassion and safety. It is also important to forgive the person or situation that created this wound in you. Carrying around the pain and the hurt will not serve anyone; it will just continue to affect you.

Healing is not hiding the emotion or ignoring the emotion (that's still wounded), it's feeling safe enough to not respond. It's letting go of the need to respond with your energy and moving on without that person or situation having an emotional effect on you.

If you are yet to invest in a QHHT session and you are experiencing these moments of high emotion and you are confused about why they are happening, then QHHT is definitely an option. If you are struggling to pinpoint the areas of your soul which require additional healing, but you sense that there is work to do, then QHHT is also definitely for you! I have made a couple of videos recently about healing these types of wounds, so if you fancy taking a look just click on the button below...

You can heal beautiful one and you will heal, it just takes time, patience and self-awareness (if I can do it anyone can!). I offer FREE telephone consultations (UK only) if you want to learn more about the incredible Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and how it can help you to heal too.

I hope that helps and Iโ€™m sending BIG LOVE as always, Georgina xxx

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