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๐•€๐•‹โ€™๐•Š ๐•‹๐•€๐•„๐”ผ ๐”ฝ๐•†โ„ ๐•Š๐•†๐•Œ๐•ƒ ๐”ผ๐•โ„™๐”ธโ„•๐•Š๐•€๐•†โ„•!

Happy New Year my lovely!

I hope you enjoyed the festivities and are moving smoothly and gracefully into the new year with an open heart and loving intentions.

Itโ€™s not always easy though, is it? Life, I meanโ€ฆ.

We can get so tangled up in all of the crazy emotions, that often the real crux or root cause of the way that we are feeling can remain hidden and out of view.

Often we can only see the place that we are currently at, and we donโ€™t always remember to dig a bit deeper into our past experiences to obtain an understanding of the foundational programming that instigated our current behaviour or coping strategies.

But what if we could simply release ourselves from the past and move on with a clean slate?

Well, Iโ€™m here to offer you the chance to do exactly that.ย  Of course, you can invest in a QHHT session with me and spend the day reflecting on your life and everything that you have been through (which will have been a lot).ย  You can also experience the power of hypnosis and be energetically transmuted into a cleansed version of yourself, but you can also do this at home on your own and in your own space.

QHHT is deep and transformative, but if you are looking for a way to begin the process of detaching from your past, maybe you would like to invest some time in the following practice which is also included in my recent book โ€œWhat Would Love Say?โ€.

The internal dialogue that you are listening to in those moments of uncertainty, is the aspect of your soul which is often called โ€œthe egoโ€.ย  The ego is the voice of fear which has been given a platform to expose itself when you have needed to feel LOVED.

So the next time you feel uneasy, emotionally triggered, or upset, take a moment to ask yourself โ€œWhat do I need right now?โ€. Be honest, as it is only you listening to your thoughts.

Do you feel unsafe? Do you feel vulnerable? Do you feel angry? Do you feel unseen or unheard?

Whatever you are feeling, try and go back to a place in your mind when you felt this way as a small child or as a previous version of yourself.ย  Be gentle and know that it is entirely safe for you to carry out this exercise.

Now Allow your mind to flow freely and listen kindly to your thoughts, and whatever the first memory was that came up, trust that it is the one that you need to work with right now.

If you are a visual person, picture yourself in that memory, if you are a sensory type, allow yourself to feel what it was like being that past version of yourself.

Finally very gently and very calmly in your mind, I would like you to say the following affirmation statement:

โ€œToday I forgive myself for feeling uneasy, emotionally triggered or upset, and I also forgive the person or situation that has made me feel this way.ย  It is not always easy to begin new ways of being, but I am doing my best right now.ย  I will slow down and take steps towards understanding myself better, but I forgive myself if sometimes I fail as this is how I will learn and I can acknowledge this without fear as I know that I am always loved.ย  I am loved, I can offer love as I am loveโ€.

I would encourage you to repeat this affirmation statement whenever you need to, and soon you will begin to notice that you can naturally take yourself to the space of forgiveness, which allows you to be in the present moment and far less attached to past events.

As a little New Year gift to you, I have recorded this affirmation statement that you can listen to whenever you feel uneasy, upset or in need of some love:

If you have not yet invested in my book โ€œWhat Would Love Say?โ€, I still have a bunch of copies available my darling (although they are selling fast!), and as part of this first print run I am also inviting all investors in the book, to a little closed WhatsApp group that I have created to support you on your 2024 journey. ย  ย 

As part of this group, you will receive a FREE recorded affirmation statement, similar to the one in this blog, each day of 2024 which will support the reprogramming process that I have shared with you today.

I hope that this quick little exercise will help you, and if you do fancy ordering a copy of my book, which includes lots more suggestions and exercise to take care of the ego voice, just click here my darling. Prices start from ยฃ8.99:

Enjoy the ride this year my lovely, Iโ€™m sending you BIG LOVE as always, Georgina xxxx


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